POPSUGAR Must Have- September 2015

I have been super busy at school so this is a late post but I figured better late than never! In September I received my first POPSUGAR Must Have subscription box, which I have been wanting to try for a while. This subscription box comes with super cool things in fashion, beauty, and home for $39.95 a month. However, the things you get in the box itself retails for over $100 in total! Here is my impression on the September POPSUGAR box.


Each month the POPSUGAR boxes come with a theme, usually pertaining to things going on that month, the weather, etc. The theme of the box for September was “travel, refresh, fashion fix, beauty recovery, and to-go snacks”.

The first item in the box a pair of stud “XO” earrings from Kris Nations. I have worn these a couple times since getting the box and they are super cute and easy!


The second item was the Brow Envy Kit from Too Faced cosmetics. Though I am a huge makeup girl, I was not a fan of this kit. Maybe it is because I do not really do anything to my brows when doing my makeup since I have pretty thick eyebrows already. I was most looking forward to using the setting wax from this kit, since I had been looking to try it out for a while. However, I did not like the consistency nor did I like the applicators in the kit. I would definitely say there are better brow kits out there that are much easier to use.


Next was the NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil. This was probably my favorite item in the box. I love cuticle oil- it is very important to take good care of your cuticles and keep them hydrated. People usually don’t know that it is actually very important to keep your cuticles strong and healthy! I usually use this in between manicures and let it help strengthen and soothe my nails.


The fourth item in the box was the Briogeo Rosarco Milk. This is a leave in conditioner that helps treat weak and damaged hair. I love hair masks and do them several times a week, but I prefer using plain organic coconut oil on my hair. Its all natural, makes my hair super nourished and soft, and is much cheaper and easier than these special hair treatments. You can get organic coconut oil at any health food store.


The biggest item in the box was the Hudson Bleecker Travel Bag Set. In the set came two small fabric bags: one for shoes and one for intimates. I was not a fan of the color and design and personally just wouldn’t use these- I will probably end up gifting them!

IMG_7149.jpegThe last item in the box was the Nourish Snacks Almond and Cherry snack pack. POPSUGAR always includes a little snack in their boxes every month, which I think is cute.


Overall Impression:

I was expecting more things to be in the box and was kind of disappointed to see that there were only 5 actual items. Some of the stuff I go I liked, while others I did not. I would say my favorites were the XO earrings from Kris Nations and the cuticle oil. One thing I do like about POPSUGAR, however, is that if I don’t like something in my box I can always gift it! They are super cute, easy gift ideas that I would love to pass along to my friends! I ended up ordering the November POPSUGAR box too which I will be posting about soon!




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