NOBU New York

When I first started this blog I wrote about the first time I went to NOBU when I was in Hong Kong. I had an awesome experience there, so last week my mom and I went to NOBU in the city for her birthday. When I say this restaurant is literally a life changing experience- I mean it. Literally some of the best food I have ever had…ever. I am a super healthy and cautious eater, and I love that everything at Nobu is super fresh and just simple. When you go to Nobu, you usually share a bunch of different plates- cold and hot- with the whole table. The first thing we had was the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño, one of their most popular cold dishes. It was so fresh and yummy and I would definitely say this one is a must (but I will say that about all of them!!!) Next we got the sashimi tacos with salmon and tuna sashimi- so good! Next we got the Rock Shrimp Tempura which was by far the best shrimp I’ve ever had! Though everything was amazing, the crispy rice and spicy tuna is literally to die for. We had had this dish when we went to Hong Kong too, so we got so excited when we saw they had it at the New York location also. The presentation is so cute! This is for sure the best thing I have ever had out in New York- I could actually eat this every day! I 100% recommend going to Nobu for a special occasion- they have a bunch of different locations in major cities and it is totally worth it.






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