Roadtrip: Rhinebeck, New York

Last weekend my best friend and I took a short roadroad trip to Rhinebeck, New York, a really cute artsy town about forty minutes from our school. They have a lot of unique little boutiques there and we went into as many as we could. The first store we went into was called “Periwinkles” and they sold a lot of random miscellaneous stuff, but everything was really cute. They had a lot of homemade bath products like hand soaps, bath bombs, and also some homemade soy candles which was really cool. We got some hand soap for our bathroom in lavender and chamomile (which smells awesome). I am a huge fan of natural bath products that don’t contain harsh chemicals, so I enjoyed their products. Next, we found a really cute stationary store that sold cards, gift-wrap, little crafts, etc. It was kind of like a Papyrus but less commercialized looking. We took a break at a bakery/coffee shop in town called “Bread Alone Bakery”, and got homemade strawberry lemonade! The two stores we went to next were my favorite. First, we found a really cute olive oil store called “Pure Mountain Olive Oil” (we have a strange obsession with olive oil so this was particularly exciting for us haha). We talked to the owner and taste tested a bunch of different oils and vinegars. My favorite was the rosemary infused olive oil and Jill’s favorite was the pomegranate balsamic vinegar. We also found a store that sells all kinds of tea leaves. Instead of using store bought tea bags, you can take these fresh, dried tea leaves and infuse them into hot water. We got some green tea leaves to take back home! Finally, it was getting a little late so we grabbed a quick dinner at a local sushi restaurant. Surprisingly, there were actually a couple sushi restaurants in this small town, but not all of them were open on the day we were there. Anyways, I definitely recommend Rhinebeck if you are ever in the area! (especially if you appreciate more historic-feel towns instead of such commercialized ones) Here are some pics from our day! Photocreds to Jilly for some of them 🙂












Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset





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