Dorm Room Makeover

Hi Everyone!

So today’s post is something I have been planning since July. Unfortunately, I have not been posting these past couple of weeks since I am super busy at school! This year, my friends and I are living on campus in an eight person townhome. For the first time, I get my own room and was so excited to decorate it. Now that I am a junior, I felt like switching things up a bit so I decided to re-do my dorm room. My freshman and sophomore year, I had bright and colorful decor, but this year I decided to go with a palette a little more clean and simple. My mom is an interior designer so I definitely get some inspiration and ideas from her. When thinking about this project in July, I thought it would be a fun and creative idea to work with Etsy vendors, and feature their products in my new dorm room. Many of the vendors I contacted agreed and I have included their awesome merchandise in my room decor! There are definitely still some things I want to add to the room and will work on perfecting it throughout the semester. For now, this is what I have created so far, I hope you love it as much as I do. I am including the link to where you can buy these awesome Etsy products yourselves! Trust me, they are awesome!


I would say the statement piece of the room is definitely the circle monogram above my bed. I had decided to go with a gray and white color palette with pops of pink. I found this monogram and knew it would be perfect, I absolutely love it! Sarah, the woman I worked with from the Etsy store “slinklinks”, makes these completely handmade. She offers several different colors, and of course, carves each person a custom monogram. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, not just for dorm rooms (though I do think they are perfect for college dorms!) You can get your own monogram here!

Next to the monogram above my bed are these awesome “fairy” lights I found on Etsy. Last year I had Christmas lights above my bed, but I thought these were definitely more fun! Another great feature of these lights is that they are battery-pack operated (a really small, clear back on each end). This is super convenient since I do not have to worry about having an outlet in the area I wanted the lights. Check out Electric Crowns Etsy store here to find these lights and their other awesome products!

Another statement piece that went perfectly with the vibe of my new room was this vintage Vogue poster. I collect a lot of vintage Vogue art at home and love this new addition to my dorm room. This Etsy vendor offers awesome vintage art, not just fashion related. Check out her merchandise here!

The two small gray pillows on my bed are actually one of the first things I picked up when designing the room. They were the perfect shade of gray I was looking for, and this Etsy shop was kind enough to send me two of them all the way from Turkey! They are super high quality and handmade. They offer tons of different designs which you can find here!

Finally, I have amazing wall art prints from several different Etsy vendors. It was super fun picking out the different pieces I wanted to use in my room. I did not realize exactly how big my wall was going to be, so I definitely want to fill it up more with more prints as the semester goes on. For now, here is where you can buy these fun prints!


Black & White Chanel Print (Get it here) PS- This came in the CUTEST packaging!!

IMG_9619 IMG_9620 IMG_9615

All three of these text art prints are from this Etsy shop!


Crème de la Crème Art Print (Get it here)


Coco Chanel Perfume Bottle Polka Dot Print (Get it here)


Chloé Perfume Bottle Art Print (Get it here)


This watercolor print is absolute gorgeous and probably my favorite item in my room. I am definitely going to use it in my room at home as well. You can find really awesome prints at this Etsy store 🙂

That’s everything so far! I will keep my blog updated on new additions I add to my dorm room!


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