Easy Morning Juice Recipe: NutriBullet

Hey guys!

Today I will be doing my first healthy lifestyle post! For the past few years, keeping a healthy, balanced diet has become a crucial part of my day to day life. I definitely find extraordinary benefits as I continue to keep my body nourished with the best nutrients possible. Not only am I totally energized throughout the day, but everything about my body (hair, skin, nails, etc.) all benefit from a healthy diet. This past week I purchased a NutriBullet for the first time. Since I had been going to health food stores almost everyday to purchase fresh juice, I decided it was much more convenient to get one for my home so that I can do the juicing myself whenever I wanted. I had a tough time deciding whether I wanted a regular juicer/juice extractor or the NutriBullet. I decided that the NutriBullet was the better choice, and I want to share with you why. Regular juicers, which are often used at juicebars and health food stores, extract the liquid juices from the fruits and veggies, and rid of the pulp and solid parts left over. However, these left overs are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that should not go to waste. They are extremely beneficial for your body and add even more benefits to your juice. This is why I purchased the NutriBullet. Instead of just extracting the liquid, the NutriBullet utilizes the entire fruit and vegetable. Though this does tend to make the consistency of your juice a little thicker and with pulp, it is definitely worth it. Today I am sharing with you a basic juice recipe that I tried and enjoyed. It incorporates greens, fruits, and veggies. As I continue to learn more about my NutriBullet and try out different recipes, I will share them as well. But for now, enjoy this easy and healthy morning juice recipe!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients


1 Granny Smith Apple (Washed)

1 Handful of Organic Spinach Leaves (Rinsed)

1 Handful of Baby Carrots (Rinsed)

1 Teaspoon of Fresh Ginger Root

1/2 Cup of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Step 2: Prep Your Ingredients

Slice apple into squares

Remove stems from spinach leaves

Grate ginger


Step 3: Add Ingredients to Cup

After adding your solid ingredients, add the orange juice. Finally, for the remainder of the liquid, add cold water to the “max” line of the cup


Step 4: Place Extractor Blade on Cup and Blend


Step 5: Enjoy alone or with your favorite snack bar!

I suggest an all natural, organic snack bar that are made with super foods such as chia seeds and flax. My personal favorite snack bar is the Qia brand. I will be blogging about them soon!



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